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A home with a roof that has experienced fire damage, exposing the interior of the home.

Home Fire in Ohio

This home experienced a fire that burnt a majority of the roof. We were called to help get rid of fire damage. Fires are a more common issue than most homeowners know, which is why they can happen unexpectedly. This fire was a particularly bad one, revealing the interior of the home through the roof.

An office space with exposed tile due to water damage that ruined the carpet.

Offices Are Also Susceptible to Water Damage

More often than not, water damage seems like a homeowner's issue. In the home there are more opportunities for water damage to occur. Showers, baths, windows, and appliances are all used more often in a home. However, offices and buildings are just as susceptible to water damage. In this office, for instance, water damage brought working to a halt as the furniture had to be moved for restoration. 

The remains of an apartment building that suffered from large amounts of fire damage.

Fire Destruction in Apartment Building

Fire restoration is not limited to family homes. We received a job from an apartment complex that suffered from particularly bad fire damage. One of the differences with commercial fire damage like an apartment building is that many more people are displaced from their homes. We had to create a strategy to quickly repair the damage and restore the building. 

Water damage along the edge of the carpet and wall.

Water Damage Where Wall Meets Carpet

This water damage restoration project that we did had water damage in both the carpet and wall. This caused double the trouble, but we were able to restore both at the same time due to our state of the art equipment.

Water damage causing paint on the wall to peel off around the fire place.

Water Damage by the Fireplace

We restored the water damage that had run through the wall, along the side of the fireplace. Because the water damage caused the paint to peel off, we had to restore the entire wall in that area.

A ceiling of a school's office with missing ceiling tiles due to water damage.

Restoring an Office Space

A school's office had water damage that took away valuable time. We restored the ceiling's water damage, as well as the floor. 

The rebuilding of a once fire damaged apartment building.

An Apartment Building Rebuilt From Fire Damage

We helped an apartment complex after a particular destructive fire. In order to return the tenants to their homes quickly, we created used our professional fire restoration strategy to rebuild the complex from the ground up.

Moisture Meter

How to tell when something is dry

A moisture meter is used to tell when the material is still wet from water damage. Sometimes materials may seem dry but the meters will say otherwise. It is in best practice to make sure all materials are dry before removing any equipment.

Ceiling Collapsing

Home Ceiling Collapsing

This home had a terrible flood that caused a roof to collapse and destroy the homes' living room. This job was not an issue for our SERVPRO professionals because we are well diverse in both residential and commercial restoration. 

Window Boarding After Fire

Why Is it important to Board Up Windows After A Fire?

After a fire, there is still part of the house that can be saved. Our SERVPRO professionals know that it is important to board up windows to protect the home from other outside elements. 

Terrible fire damage

House Fire in Miamisburg Ohio

The house fire in Miamisburg Ohio looked like a scene out of a movie. What happened was that a wall heating unit caught a couch on fire and set half the house on fire. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the fire. 

Two stove top flames lightly lit on a kitchen stove.

Set Reminders if Need Be

If you have difficulty remembering to turn off your stove, unplug your appliances, or anything else relating to fire safety, set a reminder! Most smart phones offer apps that can remind us after a set amount of time of anything. Use this to keep your home safe!

A hand is plugging a cord into an electrical outlet on a table.

Use Your Appliances Safely

There are many horror stories of outlets catching fire and heat-generating appliances starting fires. These stories inform us of the importance of knowing how to use our appliances, as well as keeping them out of the hands of children.

Cardboard is burning from a controlled fire.

Remember What is Flammable in Your Home

While we know that fire can easily spread through household objects, but it's important to know what exactly these items may be. That way we can keep them away from outlets and fireplaces.

A fireplace with a bright orange fire illuminating in it.

Keep Warm and Keep Safe This Winter

Do you know what danger your fireplace poses? Make sure to keep your home safe by preventing ashes from falling out, by using safe fire equipment, and keeping flammable objects away from the fireplace.

Five air movers sit over a carpet-less area in a living room.

Quality Equipment, Quality Restoration

SERVPRO invests in the highest quality restoration equipment to ensure your home is restored as if you did it yourself. Air movers, dehumidifiers, even moisture detectors are all on-hand when we visit your home.

Air movers dry a kitchen with a missing ceiling due to water damage.

Let's Get Cooking Again

Piping tends to be arranged all in one area of the house, so it's no surprise that the kitchen can be especially vulnerable to water damage. Surrounding rooms can stop us from be able to use our kitchens. Call us to get yourself cooking again.

An office with part of the ceiling cracked apart on the desk and floor.

Productivity Paused Due to Damage?

Not being able to do work isn't much of a vacation when it's due to damage. In order to get back to work as soon as possible, make sure to alert a restoration professional when something gets in the way of productivity at your desk.

A bare roof in the process of being repaired with trees in the background.


There isn't much time to keep a roof without the necessary protection to avoid further water damage. When storm damage leaves your home weak, call us to see how we can help you protect your belongings.

Tarp covering one side of a home that is missing a part of the wall.

How Long Until You Return Home?

Storms can displace families for far too long, causing stress due to money and resources being drained. We don't want our clients away from home longer than necessary, so fast and efficient work is a value of ours.

Above the fireplace in an empty living room, the entire wall has been destroyed, exposing the outside.

Storm Damage Threatening Your Safety

Sometimes storms cause water damage through leaks and floods, and sometimes that damage threatens the safety of your home. This client had a missing wall in their living room. We worked to put them back into their safe, warm home.

The drywall in an office has been removed, showing the interior wood beams.

Has Your Office Looked Like This?

This is no environment for success. If your office has ever looked like this for far longer than necessary, it's time to look for a restoration professional that understands how important a clean and furnished space is for your office.

A dehumidifier between office tables in a water damaged office.

Your Need Your Space

Water damage takes up valuable time for your business. We get it. That's why our commercial services incorporate flexible plans that ensure we move as quickly as possible. You should be back to working in no time.

Beneath the flooring of a building, beside air vents, air movers are lined up on a tarp.

Directly Attacking the Source

Sometimes water damage comes from places reachable past drywall and sometimes they're places we wouldn't have found without professional help. In instances like this, we'll get into hard to reach spaces to ensure quality drying and avoid further damage.

Two air movers sit in a restroom with its floor removed from water damage.

No Matter How Small the Space

We often boast about our ability to cover large surface areas of water damage, but what about the tight spaces? The bathrooms, closets, and other places where water damage may get? We create flexible plans of action to make sure nothing gets past us.

A flag post holds two flags waving in the wind, an American flag and a SERVPRO flag.

American and SERVPRO Flags Wave High

With our American flag above our SERVPRO flag, we exhibit the pride we feel for both. The pride we have in our company is due to the professionally trained employees that work for us and the quality of the equipment we use.

A shelf of drying equipment lined up in the garage.

Our Drying Equipment is Ready for Anything

We have more than enough equipment for any size project. Restoration means being ready for anything. No matter the surface area or depth of the water damage, we are prepared to take on your restoration needs. 

A SERVPRO banner in the garage that says "Go Big or Go Home."

Go Big or Go Home

We care about dedication. That means we work to remind ourselves that if we aren't putting our best work forward, then we're not achieving our goals. That's why we've hung this banner, reminding us to go big with every restoration project we get.

An award given to SERVPRO of East Dayton for Exemplary Performance and Dedication

Our Awards Say It All

Take it from Contractor Connection; we know what we're doing. We've been earning awards for our hard work and dedication to quality. When you hire us for your restoration needs, it will show.

The garage, packed full of equipment such as driers and vans.

What Do You Need?

When water, fire, mold, or storm damage affects your building, don't settle for less than the best when restoring it. With access to this much equipment, you'll be set to return to business as soon as you call us, SERVPRO of East Dayton. We have everything you need, and more.

A van and air movers sitting in the garage, ready to be used.

Quality and Quantity are Connected

"Quality over quantity," the saying goes. But why not both? When it comes to restoration, SERVPRO of East Dayton can offer both. Our garage and our team are ready to show you how quality and quantity can work together.

A SERVPRO designed pickup truck parked in parking lot beside building.

SERVPRO Pick-Up Truck

You know your local SERVPRO because they're exactly that- local. That's why you might see a truck like this pass by on their way to a job. They service just their local areas, like this truck from the SERVPRO of Fairborn / Huber Heights.

A SERVPRO of Beavercreek and East Dayton green truck parked by a building.


Excellent service looks like being prepared with all the right tools to make a job run smoothly. That's why SERVPRO of East Dayton and Beavercreek have several trucks, like this one, that assist in the efficiency of any job that comes our way.

A SERVPRO trailer detailed with flames and the logo parked in the grass.


Being prepared for any job requires the ability to bring whatever equipment needed for an efficient, quick clean up. Trailers like these help us arrive on the scene prepared for whatever kind of damage we need to repair to make it look "Like it never even happened."

Servpro of East Dayton Crew


This picture is of all the personnel that work here at SERVPRO of East Dayton/Beaver Creek. The company would not be what it is today if it was not for the hard work and integrity displayed by these individuals daily

Dayton Servpro Truck in front of customers home

SERVPRO Dayton Truck

This is a front of structure photo of our SERVPRO Dayton truck in front of a customer's home. From the outside of this home it looks like everything is perfect and in place, what really was happening was a severe basement flood that took three days to dry.